Visit the 1823 Heritage website and enhance your Six Nations experience


By Gary Heatly

With the Six Nations in full swing and giving us pleasure during these still strange times now could be the time for you to visit the 1823 Heritage website.

On there you will find quality products from the past, present and future which all have a sporting theme.

The range of products – from mugs to greeting cards with lots in between – is constantly evolving and growing and there really is something for everyone, especially rugby supporters.

The business is the brainchild of Craig Muncey who himself is a big rugby fan who used to watch Cardiff play a lot when he was growing up and enjoys seeing the national team in action too.

“I came up with the idea for the business about four or five years ago now,” Craig explains.

“Originally, I was mainly thinking of offering beach towels with retro sports shirt designs on them and, after putting things off for a while, I took the plunge and things have just grown ever since.

“In early 2020 I had a flood at my house, the whole of the street and large parts of Nantgarw where I live were flooded, and that coupled with the pandemic hitting just made me decide that I wanted to give the business a go as it was something that I had been passionate about for a while.

“After lots of groundwork and planning the website went live last November and I have been pleased with the feedback that we have had since then from people from lots of different places.

“A couple of people who run similar types of businesses were great sounding boards for me before we set things up and they still are to this day.”

The first products on offer in November were mugs and beach towels and the ones that related to the Welsh, Scottish, English and Irish national rugby teams started to attract attention right away.

“Things grew from there really and I built up good contacts within the production side of things to help me increase the range,” Craig said.

“People of a certain generation really love the retro feel because it takes them back to those days when they were watching their heroes. The international gear was popular early on and it then led to me to branching out to provide ranges that focused on rugby and football clubs.”

Just a few months after the website launched, Craig now offers mugs, beach towels, rugby shirts, hoodies and t-shirts, football t-shirts, framed and canvas prints, phone cases, aprons and greetings cards.

Face coverings, coasters and fridge magnets are also available and once you click on the website you will find yourself there a while because there is something there for everyone.

“I am always keen to hear from people who would like to see their club’s vintage/retro kit turned into a beach towel and the like, so if you think there would be an audience at your club for such goods then feel free to get in touch via email on,” Craig adds.

“During this period when the Six Nations are on the rugby ranges are doing well, so why not log on and have a look before the next two  rounds of matches in March.”

This content is brought you in association with 1823 Heritage

1823 Heritage is a website providing quality products from the past, present and future.

So why the name 1823 Heritage? Well, in 1823 William Webb Ellis first picked up the ball during a football match and ran with it in his hands, creating the rugby style of play. The word ‘Heritage’ centres around culture, tradition and things that were formed in the past and still have historical importance.

The products available will take you back in time with shirt designs you may recollect from your childhood while each item is individually made so if there are any items or colours not showing then please get in contact with them and the 1823 Heritage team will see if it can be accommodated.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to and have a look around ahead of the rest of the Six Nations…