Rollie tells her team mates to embrace the atmosphere in Lille

When Scotland run out at Le Stadium (Nord Lille Metropole) in Lille (kick-off 8pm GMT, live on BBC ALBA) on Saturday evening for their third Women’s Six Nations match of 2019 some of the visiting players will be more familiar with their surroundings than others.

Full-back Chloe Rollie is in her second season playing in France with LMRCV at the same ground while replacement Lisa Martin is also playing there this term and No.8 Jade Konkel and centre Lisa Thomson played their club rugby there in 2017/18.

Looking ahead to the game, 23-year-old Rollie said:  “It’s going to be good. At a club game, we get the brass band, the drums come out and all the flags, so we should embrace the atmosphere.

“We need to ignore the boos and the woos, it’s just how the fans are over there for club games and internationals.

“I know the French team quite well and it’s good for me to pass on the information about them to my team mates.

“They’re only human, just like us, but they are good players, and if we put them under pressure we can make them doubt what they do.

“But if we sit back and let them play their game, they’ll go straight through us.

“The game being in Lille is a huge confidence booster for me. It feels like I’ll be at home. I’m very comfortable there having been there for two seasons.”

“Since the Ireland loss we have been fixing the little details, the individual errors, we’ve analysed our mistakes and we know if we don’t fix the details we’ll be back to square one.

“We always want to win games, it’s not about losing, anymore. It’s more about putting in a good performance and getting the win. Our skill level and fitness have improved, massively.

“Playing pro in France has helped me definitely on the pitch, dealing with pressure and improving my skills. In day-to-day life, I’ve had to do a lot of things to fit in and teach myself a basic level of French. Both aspects have changed me. I believe in myself and my abilities more, both on and off the pitch.”

Thanks to Rugby People for the main photo

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